Readers of The Bubba Effect know that we love Mogs. The Unimog is a Mercedes on Steroids. Combine German Tech with a need for the outdoors and you have a winner…

Or, so we thought, until we saw this:

It’s called the KiraVan.

An inventor named Bran Ferren developed the Kiravan (named after his daughter) as a mobile learning lab for scientists and film crews. The RV allows scientific crews to go places they couldn’t go before, at a level of luxury that is quite frankly, astounding.

And if you’re  thinking that the KiraVan looks like a Mog, you’d be absolutely right. If you combined a Mog with Godzilla, you’d get a KiraVan.

You see, the KiraVan is a hybrid. Not in the traditional sense, as you’re not gonna get terrific fuel mileage out of this beast. As Mog fans, we’re well acquainted with the front end of this beast. You’re gonna be lucky to get 12 mpg, if you’re REAL lucky. It sucks down fuel like a Starship…

What you are gonna get is one part Unimog and one part fifth-wheel camper.

From the grille back, the KiraVan is a heavily tweaked Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck chassis with a four-door cabin powered by a 260-horsepower/700lb-ft of torque six-cylinder turbodiesel. This combo will pull an “elephant through the eye of a needle” but it won’t do it with fuel efficiency in mind.

From the hitch back, this RV is LUXURY at it’s best. An articulated 52′ foot trailer is decked out like a luxury sailing ship suite. You get sleeping berths, a full kitchen, two computer workstations, a bathroom, a private area solely for Kira’s systems and operations, and even a tricked out turbodiesel KiraBike (which Ferren also built) that is located on a rear lift.

This beast is going to take up a few  parking spaces at Walmart, but it isn’t challenged by rough roads. If the road turns to rubble, the  driver can send power to the trailer’s rear wheels allowing 6×6 operation at speeds approaching 25mph.

Like most luxury RV’s, the KiraVan has all the gadgets. You’ll find a media server/library, global 3D GPS location and navigation devices and even a recon drone for those  times when you wanna see “the  Smokies” before they see you.

And once you set out on your adventure,  you’re not gonna have to worry about making a lot of unnecessary stops. The KiraVan sports 170 gallon diesel fuel tanks that will get you into the 2,000 mile range zone before you have to start thinking about melting your gas card in a fuel pump.

Seriously, you could  drive from Los Angeles, CA to Mobile, Alabama without stopping for gas. Okay, that’s IF you wanted to drive to Mobile, Alabama in the first place.

There’s enough storage for food and drink to allow three people to live inside her for three weeks without running low on Gatorade or Beef Jerky.

She’s an impressive beast, but I’ll warn you now;

“If you have to ask the price… You can’t afford it.”

The builder gave it to his daughter, so you’re not  going to see it on the market any time soon.

the-lexinator Image Credits:

Here at The Bubba Effect, we teach “Family Sustainability and Survival”.

It’s not about basements filled with guns, ammo and beef jerky that will be washed down with cases of beer… while the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” tear up your front yard.


“Sustainability” isn’t about having a bunch of gadgets in a bag in your closet or car trunk. While a BOB (Bug-Out Bag) is important in getting your  butt from point to point, once you arrive at your destination, the hard work starts.

Sustainability is about having an integrated plan that combines several systems to create a “sustainable environment” for your family to live within.  We all know people why continually boast;

“I have this, and this and this…”

Yeah? So what. While it’s cool to have “stuff”… you need to “build an entire beast”.  All the systems have to work together in unison, otherwise, you’re just left with THIS:

There are many components of sustainability that have to be taken into consideration;

  • Water and water retention and storage,
  • Food and Dairy production – proteins, milk, cheese  and garden oriented,
  • Power production and Power Management,
  • Sanitation and composting,
  • Shelter,
  • Security,
  • Income generation (there are some things that you can’t grow or barter for), etc…

For example;

Here in Montana, hay is King. In “my” part of Montana, we grow it from “Idaho to Canada”. We have to. The reasons are simple – we haven’t taught our cattle to eat quiche! LOL!

Hay? Yes, we have it. Would you like some? LOL!

Hay? Yes, we have it. Would you like some? LOL!

But in America’s heartland, corn is a BIG deal.

Did you know that in the 1930’s, 7,000 corn plants per acre were grown in the average U.S. corn field? Seeds were planted in rows 42 inches apart so that horses could be used to work the fields. That planting strategy yielded about 27 bushels per acre.

But the 1930s was a long time ago. Now 35,000 plants and 150 bushels per acre is pretty common. That means that we’re getting nearly five times the yield in our cornfields thanks to modern tractors, fertilizers, pesticides and seeds (which are genetically modified to resist insects and herbicides).

A LOT has changes since the 1930s.

A LOT has changes since the 1930s.

But while genetic modification–using biotechnology to insert a genetic trait into a seed–grabs headlines (and stokes health fears), traditional breeding programs by seed developers have done just as much to raise yields.

A guy named Stine (who literally owns the soybean industry) is using his techniques to increase corn yields.

Harry Stine - Soybean KING.  - Image Credit - Forbes  Magazine

Harry Stine – Soybean KING. – Image Credit – Forbes Magazine

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

You decide.

If you’re a homesteader or “family farmer” you probably read about planting techniques. And, corn is indeed an important “staple” crop. Here’s a pretty interesting read if you’re interested in farming or Agro-tech;

(It’s a little one-sided – and I don’t buy some of it – but it yields interesting facts.)

“Can THIS man feed the world?”

Till next time…


It all seems to run “full circle”. Hard times bring hard tasks. Gardening isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

But with the struggles that American families face, we can take a lesson two from our past. When the U.S. began rationing consumer goods for civilians due to the demands of the World War (WWII), every American woman was  touched by the conflict.

If they wanted  to feed their families, they found out that they needed to grow the food in their yards.

A lot of us are doing that now. It seems that hard times aren’t just a thing of the past.

War Gardening

We can learn from that past.

Learn about the role that women played on the home front during the war:


(Photo: War gardens for victory, c. 1939-1945. Library of Congress.)

I know this guy.

I don’t “know” him in the traditional sense. I know him by his work. He’s a top notch photographer who does some of the best “weapons grade” photography in the biz…

He’s also pretty sharp and his product reviews and technical blogs are very informative. So without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to him…

In fact, I’ll let him introduce himself;

“I am a Full-Time Local Law Enforcement Officer and also spend a considerable amount of time doing Weapon and Tactical Photography, Marketing and Reviews for a number of great companies with Defense Marketing Group, a Contributor for Harris Publications, and an Administrator of the Weapon Evolution Forum.

I am a Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the United States Army and worked as a PSD Team Leader and NCOIC for a General-Grade Officer. I served for 7 years and received an Honorable Discharge from the Army in 2005 as a Staff Sergeant.

I am currently serving as a Washington State certified Handgun and Patrol Rifle Instructor, Taser Instructor, and Reality Based Training Instructor.”

Okay, the guy has street cred and he’s a braggart. But he did it the old fashioned way. He EARNED it.

(Actually, he’s pretty damned humble. I kinda like the guy. And I don’t like ANYBODY.)

Remember, good intel needs verification. We don’t want you to “just take our word for it” when we’re talking about guns or gear. We want you to do your homework and that demands reliable data from multiple sources. Remember, it’s all about “verification and redundancy”.

Whether you just want to see “the latest and greatest” (his SHOT Show product photos ROCK!), you want an assessment of a new piece of gear, or maybe you’re looking to brush up on your “shooting/safety skills”… he’s one of our favorite “go to” guys.

Fundamental-Firearms-Safety-RulesGo on. Click it. You know you want to.




Speaking of shotguns;

We were reading on our sister page’s facebook site (@RenaissanceRonin) about a “shotgun” designed to shoot salt. It’s purpose is to rid the world of houseflies. Now, while the idea of stalking flies through the house with this little beast does bring a smile to my face, I can’t imagine a significant other being too thrilled about it as she’s forced to clean up salt grains scattered all over the house after one of your hunting expeditions.

I suggest that repairing the screens on your windows and doors would probably be a more “harmonious” solution to the housefly problem many of us face this time of year.

That gave us pause to think of other crazy “shotgun related” stuff we’ve seen lately.

They make this shotgun shell called “Dragon’s Breath”. It does exactly what you’d think it would do. It makes your shotgun belch fire.

There are gun enthusiasts out there who love this round for it’s pyrotechnic value.

It should be noted that Dragon’s breath shotgun rounds are banned in many locations, due to their inherent fire hazard. Even in areas where the round may be shipped, an extra fee for hazardous materials may be charged.

Dragon’s breath is an exotic incendiary round for a 12 gauge 2 3/4″ shotgun. Dragon’s breath shells consist primarily of magnesium pellets/shards. When the round is fired, sparks and flames shoot out of your barrel (to a distance of about 100 feet). The rounds are safe to fire out of an improved cylinder bore as well as a modified choke barrel commonly found on many of our shotguns.

This is NOT a combat round, folks. Its actual professional combat or tactical usage remains undocumented and unreported.  We haven’t read an NRA reports about homeowners defending home and hearth using this round. We haven’t heard any reports of people using this to signal aircraft or to gain emergency assistance. It’s just a “novelty round” if you ask us. It doesn’t have any real tactical value. The key to it’s popularity is in it’s ability to produce a visual effect that is impressive and entertaining. It’s “muzzle blast” is similar to that of a short-ranged flamethrower or fireworks, making it popular among gun enthusiasts looking for a cheap thrill.

Wait… it’s $5 a round. For $5 a round, I’ll break out the Barrett .50 cal .

Again, while it’s claimed that the rounds are often used as a distress signal (similar to a very short duration emergency flare gun), most  would argue that a flare would be better fitted for such.

The round has also been used for intimidation purposes. Contrary to popular opinion and urban legend, there is no credible record we can find that documents its use in actual combat. I never saw one used in Iraq or the Sandbox, nor has anyone I’ve spoken with.

In fact, because the Dragon’s Breath shells are low-power rounds, you cannot (and should not) chamber them in an auto-loading shotgun or semi-automatic shotgun without risking a misfire or jam. The shell doesn’t produce enough recoil energy to cycle the action (which  causes the mechanism to fail to cycle).

It’s noted that an additional reason to use the round only in a breech loaded weapon is that round shoots at least a little flame for 3–5 seconds. Can you imagine what would happen if a shell that was still on fire was ejected into the dry grass at your feet?

Now, put that shell in a shotgun and hand it to a bunch of idiots. I mean, it’s just a “range test” right?  Note the shotgun used for the test. What could go wrong? What do you think will happen?

They KNEW that they were shooting incendiary shells. WHY didn’t they have fire extinguishers at the ready?

Till next time…


Many see the empowerment of DHS and it’s minions to be the start of the “New Suppressed/Oppressed America”.

Many have come forward to remind us that “there are more of us than there are of them”…

The naysayers among us remind us that we’ll be overwhelmed by the might of military technology and enhanced logistics.

“Tech and supplies”. Overwhelming numbers. “Hell falling from the Sky”. Sounds daunting, eh?

No. Don’t fall victim to the hype.

While I have to admit that I find myself nodding my head in agree to the premise that any attempt to stand toe to toe against an empowered mechanized “Internal American Army” conventionally using nothing but small arms and sharp blades would be ill advised… even seemingly “fool-hardy”… history would appear to rebut this notion consistently.

This is exactly how the Revolutionary War was fought. And we all remember how that ended, right?

The initial Soviet deployment of the 40th Army in Afghanistan began on December 24, 1979, under Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. The final troop withdrawal started on May 15, 1988, and ended on February 15, 1989, under the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev.

I was in Afghanistan as “a kid”. I remember how “men with wooden sticks” defied “men with iron sticks” and repelled them while exacting a heavy toll. It’s where I learned that “Guns don’t kill people… Old men with beards kill people.” Despite the fact that the Afghani’s (the Muj) weren’t “backed” by anyone at the beginning of the conflict, I remember the Russians getting their asses handed to them on a regular basis, despite “Hind and Hell”…

In the mountains, there were monsters and all the vodka in Moscow couldn’t mute that threat.

It has been proved time and again that “asymmetric warfare” is quite effective against conventional forces.

According to Wikipedia:

“Asymmetric warfare is war between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differs significantly.”

Boiled down to it’s essence;

“Big nations lose small wars all the time.”

“Big Nations” are schooled in the arts of “guerrilla warfare, insurgency, terrorism, counter-insurgency, and counter-terrorism.”

I’d remind you that the Japanese said it best (when contemplating an invasion of the United States);

“There is a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Modern, conventional armies are designed for “large scale maneuver” types of warfare. This means that in layman’s terms, these same units generally find themselves at an extreme disadvantage when fielded against unconventional forces fighting on their “home turf”, especially when these unconventional forces are backed by a sympathetic population.

Can you say “resistance”?

In the face of these conditions, conventional forces typically do one of two things;

They fall back into secure areas and make hardened strikes at concentrations and pockets of resistance (think Soviet Afghanistan in the late stages or even Vietnam) or…

They use excessive amounts of force in an attempt to counter resistance, thus alienating otherwise neutral or supportive people. We’re seeing this now as DHS and other agencies identify and assault/attack Vets and others for committing the unspeakable crime of “speaking out against the machine”.

Google; “Operation Vigilant Eagle”.

It’s called “oppositional defiance disorder”. If you speak out against the powers that be, they simply brand you as “insane” and then they take you by force and incarcerate you… for your own good and for the good of public safety.

The Nazis made similar mistakes over and over again in all the nations that they overran and then occupied. The results were unrest and then opposition.

The Soviets attempted this from the beginnings of their attempted occupation of Afghanistan and got their asses handed to them. Again, push too hard and you make people mad enough to man up.

The first method is effectively how the US military has chosen to fight what they coin “low intensity conflicts”.

Assymetrical Warfare is essentially “Civil War”.

Many Americans, Veterans and otherwise, see a “changing of the guard” in the United States. We’re losing our freedoms and Civil Liberties daily. The “few” are dictating a new path for “the many” and many of us don’t like it. Many of us (law abiding citizens) don’t like the idea of being told what we can and cannot do in our own homes.

In 2009 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a report titled “Rightwing Extremism” through its Office of Intelligence and Analysis. The report states that ultra conservatives form that biggest threat to the security and safety to the United States since the rise of al-Qaida. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano expressed the fear that soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan would be recruited by “right wing terrorist groups.”

In other words, if you return after serving your country and don’t step and fetch at “their” whim, they’ll label you as a threat to America… and then institutionalize or incarcerate you.

Obama has “fired or retired” more US Military Generals than any other President in History. Why do you think that is?

Perhaps… just perhaps… he seeks the comfort of like minds as America changes… irrevocably.

The liberal media in America panders to a population that will seemingly endure tyranny as long as the pain is “tolerable”… as long as it isn’t in their yards or restricts their movements as much as it restricts the rights of others.

The Founding Fathers spoke often of “The Three Percent”.

Any student of history will tell you that most populations will suffer tyranny while they feel the burden is tolerable. It’s that “it will never happen to ME” mindset. The usual outcome is that these spineless liberals often fall victim  to the machine they created, almost immediately.

The American revolution was not the vast, general uprising that some imagine. Some of the Colonies stayed out fo the fight for many years. At any one given time between 1774 and 1781 only approximately 1/3 of the colonists supported independence. And of those 1/3 approx 10% actively fought. Another 1/3 were loyalist, and the remaining 1/3 were either on the fence or simply wanted to be left in peace…. (sound at all familiar?)

This is where the term “the three percent” is likely to have it’s root. Consider historically that we owe our independence to a dedicated group of “Three percent” of the population. The Founders  knew this. They did make mention of this and of their reliance on “The Three percent” (often referred to as “a dedicated minority”) to protect the Republic in times of grave danger.

Three Percent.

America has the largest volunteer army in the world residing inside her borders. They’re commonly  referred to a “Hunters, Sportsmen, Outdoor Enthusiasts”…

Imagine if anyone was stupid enough to enrage common, everyday “Mom and Pop” Americans enough to take a stand.

Insane, huh?


Okay, Summer is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest.

Yeah, there’s still snow in the High Country. Deal with it…

Flathead River

And that means that it’s time for a “Bubba Advisory”:

If you’re  headed out into the woods, LEAVE A NOTE!

Gone-FishinTell your family or friends exactly WHERE you’re going, HOW LONG you’ll be gone, WHO you’ll be with and then…

Take your brain with you.

This is the time of year when morons head out in the woods… backpacks filled with beer, beef jerky and CD Players.

This is the Bonehead move of the season.

Nothing screams;

“Help! We need LIFEFLIGHT!”

… louder than a campsite filled with drunken idiots acting stupid and loud, enabling just about every  calamity you can imagine.

Note also that most “Camp Crisis” starts out with the same four words;

“Hey Guys!! Watch THIS!”

For example… one of these morons will invariably drive a knife through his own leg, trying to “Rambo” a can open with his big Pakistani Survival Knife. Why do I know this is true? We recently took Joshua to the Emergency Room and guess who was sitting there groaning and crying like a little girl? Yep, some moron who tried to use a cheap Chinese knife to power open a can of Pork ‘n’ Beans. Not only did he stab himself in the leg, he then lacerated his hand on the sharp can lid.

Boy, they just don’t make “stupid” like they used to. It’s gotten WORSE… LOL!

They make can openers for a reason. Use them.

P51 Can Opener

Another will get sick because “it’s okay to drink water out of fast flowing rivers”. Really? Some of the biggest rivers in the world are heavily polluted.

BOIL or filter water before drinking it…


… unless you LIKE spending most of your time in the woods squatting behind a tree, groaning in agony as you get dehydrated…

It doesn’t matter how sunny it was when you left the house. It can rain. That sleeping bag isn’t going to be enough for most people.

Take suitable  shelter.


Rain happens. And… practice setting your tent up in advance. Having gear you can’t USE makes NO sense at all.

Remember where you are. That includes being careful about what you cook. If you can smell your food, so can the wildlife.

BEARS love the smell of stuff like meat… and especially bacon.


Speaking of wildlife, despite what you see on TV, the local wildlife isn’t gonna head for the hills just because they see/hear you. In MANY places, the wildlife is accustomed to people.

Most of the wildlife in these parts have the same scientific middle name.


Mountain Lion

Use your brain, practice camp safety and have fun.

If not… you’ll be exercising your Obamacare… LOL!

Stay Safe.


You know, I’ve been thinking…

And you all know that can’t be good.

There’s a lot of talk lately about Obama’s public approval rating plunging into the depths of the cesspool this nation is slowly starting to smell like.

And around me a LOT of people are bandying about that three syllable word (yeah, I know it’s a stretch for us “farm and ranch folk” but we can “speakee Engrish” like the rest of you when we want to) over beers that are trying to come to room temperature of their own treachery.

The word for today, boys and girls… is “Impeachment”.

It occurs to me that across this great land… you won’t find a majority of voting folks that want to impeach Obama. Hell, some of them are only now coming to the grim realization that they were duped and have elected a stumbling bozo, an incompetent fool who’s only real skill seems to be reading lies and threats off of a teleprompter as he manipulates most of the American People like Geppetto playing  with Pinocchio.

In fact, the only action Barack seems to be consistent at is dashing out of the White House toward a golf course or a fundraiser every time a storm begins to brew over his Presidency.

We can’t tie him directly to the IRS scandal because the IRS “lost” all the evidence.

We can’t tie him to Bengazi because he has plenty of people to throw under the bus to shield himself.

We can’t tie him to the NSA or VA scandals because in his own words, they’re just made up scandals.

While he was trading “GITMO Terrorists for traitors”…  (Yes, I’m talking about that traitorous POS Bergdahl.)

He just smiles that demonic smile of his into the camera and exclaims; “It wasn’t me. I didn’t know…”  He’s about as clueless as they come.

(Wow, imagine an occupant of the White House that actually makes Jimmy Carter look good? Boy, I never saw THAT coming.)

As some Americans talk about “throwing the bum out” (myself included – albeit that it’s just “wishful thinking”) I personally DON’T think that “the act of impeachment” is really the most pressing issue here.

Think about it for a minute. Impeaching Obama would be a long, arduous, media circus event that would probably (in the end) fail. There are simply too many circus performers on the payroll.

But look around you! The American Economy is slipping, yet another decrease (3%) in the first quarter as Obama’s “programs” slowly drive the last nails into the coffin of America.  Jobs leave America, never to return as “The Great Obstructionist” literally pushed corporations out of America.

This is the guy who recently took full credit for the “energy prosperity” emerging in America… by standing in it’s way at every possible opportunity. What he neglects to tell America is that Obama and his minions have made oil production so difficult on America’s Federal lands that the vast majority of oil being produced in America… is happening on privately held lands, where he can’t stop it.

The IRS and VA scandals are finally starting to get “realistic” coverage… in that they can’t be hidden or played off as “make-believe” any longer. There’s too much truth, too much evidence to hide.

The NSA scandal is another event that is finally “undeniable”, even by the ostriches and fools among us.

They’re REAL events, with real evidence and real momentum. Americans are just fed up with the “Bullsh#t on the Beltway” and it’s getting to the point where more and more people are starting to stand up and speak.

As Obama manufactures events to divert attention (like opening the floodgates to allow the US border to look like the parking lot of a Walmart during the big Black Friday “door rush”) we need to stay focused.

IMHO – The current “Border Crisis” is a manufactured one, aimed at pandering to Latin voters and implying “villainous intent” to any and all who speak out against “floods of illegal immigrants, children or otherwise” he’s enabled. If you really believe that those people arrived “without aid and unescorted…” well, I have a bridge to sell you…

Follow the money. Obama’s minions advertised for “escorts” to aid and abet” these illegals as they sought to enter the USA.

(Have you seen the photos from the US Border Patrol footage? I’ve never seen so many gang tats on “children” with beard growth on their faces in my life.)

Folks, Republicans aren’t “monsters who live in the closet”.  If you find yourself believing that because we’re Republicans or Conservatives, we don’t love our children (or anyone else’s for that matter) you’re a moron. If you feel that Republicans wish to deny women birth control or adequate medical treatment, again, you’re a MORON. If you believe that Republicans throw American men and women into war, solely to seek profits and personal fame… say it with me… you’re a moron.

Most of us are simply realists who understand that to spend money on the national or global level, first you have to MAKE money. Until you can do that effectively (and consistently) you can’t save the rest of the world. If you obstruct free enterprise and job growth… your own boat will sink out of neglect.

Think about that for a moment;

“Your own boat will sink out of neglect.”

As Vets go hungry, become homeless and die from lack of medical care due to VA manipulations and incompetence… Obama seeks $4 BILLION dollars to clean up a border mess that he helped orchestrate himself.

Democrats are already pleading with people to “get out and vote and stop those evil Republicans from IMPEACHING “Poor President Obama”. They’re pandering to minorities, spreading the doctrine of hate and division, to galvanize the vote, in order to save their own skins.

Democrats want you to be angry at those “racists that want to throw Obama and his bunch out” because he’s “black” and they’re doing “HIS work”.

they’ll tell you that speaking out against THEM is just “racism redirected”, because the leader they serve is a black man.

It’s just “divide and conquer”. If you can make the country tear itself apart from seeds sown to create hate and division… you can hide almost anything… like facts and issues that are anchored in REALITY.

Like the best magician’s learn early on, it’s all about  misdirection.

“You only get to see what I want you to see…”

And while this current crop of hate is being fertilized (have you really listened to Obama’s speeches lately? What a wheelbarrow full of crap…) I’m seeing Republican Politicians on Cable tv foaming at the mouth while talking about “impeaching Obama”.

Gawd’s breath, are these guys fools or what?

To those idiots in Congress, I say this;

“You HAVE events and evidence to demonstrate that Obama has eroded the strength of America during his presidency. There’s more than enough ammo to use against those who would lead us down that same “pitfall and pothole strewn path” that is Washington DC.

At this point, “Impeachment” is a fool’s gambit. However if you were to use conditions and events that already exist, it becomes a “non-issue”.”

Vote your conscience. Vote like your life depends on it. Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?

We must take control of the Congress AND the Senate and then defund Barack Obama.

Let him use his “bully pulpit” to rant and spout, taunt and lie. Let him threaten to use his “pen and his phone” to try and strong-arm America (in spite of Congressional obstruction) and then take away his ability to enact any of his grand schemes by making it impossible for him to implement them.


The overwhelming majority of Americans are really disappointed in the “Obamacare” scheme that has affected literally every household in America negatively.

IMHO – Gaining control of the Senate in order to impeach Obama isn’t and shouldn’t be the goal.

Gaining control of the Senate to stop the disease that is killing America, to stem the dire direction of the tide the country has taken SHOULD be the goal.

Send a clear, concise message to DC; “Represent US, WE THE PEOPLE…  or go home in disgrace.”

I was always taught to choose my fights carefully.

We don’t have TIME to impeach Barack Obama.

Unless we act in November, unless we send a clear message, one that cannot be denied… we don’t have time to save this country.

You know, I can hear ole’ Ronnie now;

RONNIE“I bet ya miss me now, huh?”


We’ve all heard about recent developments in “Civil Control”.

More and more LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) and agencies are deploying SWAT Teams, armored vehicles and even DRONES for use against American Civilians in their own yards.

I have to tell you that I have a real problem with the idea that Law Enforcement is bringing “full scale weapons of war” into play against the American populace. In my view, there have been FAR too many abuses of this power being used to harm innocents. Remember the recent case where a full assault “no-knock” warrant was served on a house while looking for a “small-time drug dealer”. A flash bang grenade was tossed through a broken window (the cops broke it first) and it landed in the crib of a sleeping infant.

 That poor child was injured horrifically. What’s worse is that the cops weren’t competent enough to even hit the RIGHT house.  The drug dealer didn’t reside there… and never had.  The deployment of this caliber wasn’t to target someone who had committed a capital crime. They were looking for a small-town thug who peddled small town amounts of drugs. It was far too much power, wielded by those not skilled enough to administer it.

The cops response to the terribly injured little child;

“Accidents happen. It’s unfortunate, but…”

Tell that to the parents of that poor little child who is now maimed for life.

It wasn’t an isolated incident. It happens all the time. Combine overzealous, under-trained authorities working on bad intel with the use of extreme force and you’ll get tragedy over and over again.

Got nosy neighbors?

Need a way to check on the kids as they play on the “back 40″?

Want to head those pesky solicitors off before they get to your front door?

Do you believe that “The Watchtower” should always include Jimi Hendrix or it should stay the hell off your porch?

Is Amway the enemy?

Does the phrase “Avon Calling” give you chills?

Are you sick and tired of the legion of Girl Scouts ringing your doorbell peddling Thin Mints?

(UM… WAIT A MINUTE! I love Thin Mints. Scratch that last one…) LOL!

What if you just want to scout your fields looking for deer or elk to harvest for the freezer or smokehouse?

Well now there’s a way to put an eye in the sky!

No, “Uncle” isn’t the only one who rules the air. YOU can too!

But wait, there’s more!

There are even apps that will allow you to send the footage to your iPhone! That means that while you’re racing to the fences in your “up-armored Ford F-150 Pick ‘em up”, you can still maintain “eye contact” with the bad guys as they look for breaches in the wire!! LOL!

Need more information?

Here’s the site link!


(This is NOT an endorsement of products discussed here. It’s simply information of interest being passed along.)

As thoughts turn to farming in this part of Montana, we’re thinking about all the flora and fauna that are seemingly coming out of the woodwork.


Our fields (the ones that aren’t flooded by the rivers being up over their banks) are brimming with wildlife, alfalfa, timothy grass and wildflowers complete with clouds of bees floating above them like sentries.

A big part of sustainability is the observance and then the participation in any opportunity presented that will help your family move forward symbiotically with your surroundings.

The Native Americans didn’t rush out to 7-11 or Circle-K every time they needed a staple. They figured out the source and then… they harnessed it.

Today, we’re  going to talk about one of our favorite staples… HONEY.


Best Factory Workers EVER!

We’ve talked about honey on the TBE blog a LOT. It’s one of those staples that can be relied on for many uses, from culinary to medicinal. If you live rurally, you may actually have the opportunity to harness those little honey-factory workers to assist you in your endeavors. All you need to do is build them a suitable home. I can’t imagine a cabin or rural home without a beehive full of busy, little factory workers.

We’ve talked about Top Bar Beehives on TBE.  In our opinion, the Top Bar Beehive is one of your best options for honey production on a “family scale”.

Top Bar Beehive

A top-bar hive is a frameless beehive. The comb created by the bees actually hangs from removable spars you put in place for them to attach the comb to.

Top-bar hives are usually single level hives that are rectangular in shape. They sit on sturdy stands set a few feet off the ground, so there isn’t any stooping involved in inspecting the health of your bees or collecting the honey. The hives themselves are usually twice as wide (or even wider) than “traditional production hives” commonly seen in fields scattered around rural areas.

These hives aren’t “small”. They aren’t really “portable” and you can’t just pick them up and move them around. In fact, you really wouldn’t want to disturb the bees while they are sharing their nectar with you! It would be counter-productive.

Top-bar beehives are popular with many beekeepers because we believe that this method of beekeeping is more natural. It’s also a “simpler” way of beekeeping as it is “low impact” and because many of the required materials to build the Top Bar Beehives can be found on your property already.

You can find drawings and images all over the Internet that describe the production of these Top Bar Beehives. All you have to do is “Google” it. The one misnomer we’ve run into time and again is the categorization of Top Bar Hives. The two most established hive types are “Kenyan” and Tanzanian”. The misnomers here are that the “Kenyan” hives were actually produced in CANADA, and the “Tanzanian” hives really have little to do with the beehives they actually use in Tanzania. Go figure.

Top Bar Beehive Drawing2That aside, let’s talk about raising bees and Top Bar Hives in general;

In Montana, most of our families grow our own produce. It’s a sustainable, reliable way of insuring that our families eat nutritious meals. Agriculture and gardening require pollinators. That’s EXACTLY what the bees do as they gather the goods (pollen) required to make their honey.

So, as you help them make their food, they’re participating in helping you raise yours. And, that “food” the bees make is the freshest honey available. There is nothing better in the world than fresh baked bread, smeared in fresh churned butter topped with a slathering of freshly harvested honey.

(Yes, we know that you can make “honey butter”. In fact, it’s QUITE tasty! However… we just feel like doing that eliminates some of the sensory experience of actually transferring that “golden goodness” to our bread. YMMV.) :)

Kick that up a notch and you have the basis for “Honey Mead”, “Honey Shine” and “Honey Ales”. They are libations that are highly coveted and they are absolutely delicious. Sustainability includes “barter”. There are just things you can’t grow or produce in your own household.

We’ve found that nothing furthers negotiations faster than “a big glass of cold sweetness” while you’re haggling and bartering! :)

The nice thing about Top Bar hives is that they lend themselves to easy inspection, so that you can check on your little soldiers and see how they’re doing. The bars can be removed one at a time, so you don’t disturb the whole hive. And because you’re removing one bar at a time, you aren’t tasked with a lot of heavy lifting.

top-bar-beehive2These are storebought hives and while they’re sturdy and very attractive, they’re expensive.

You know you can build these yourself, right?

Here’s a very good example of a Top Bar Beehive you could build and place in your backyard or garden, with little cash output ;


Post your favorite hives in the comments section. Let’s inspire families to team up with bees!  :)