Santa can’t do everything… sometimes he needs help!

Here at the bunker we use knives more than pens or pencils.

Living in Montana has taught me many things. We don’t linger on the couch. We live outdoors. Our trucks and horses are our transportation to the places where we hunt, we fish and we work in one of the most beautiful and challenging environments in the United States. We’re tool users. And one of the most essential tools in Montana is a good knife. To live here (or in any other challenging environment) you need a high-quality, do-everything-you-throw-at-it hunting knife. We don’t have to wander far from our porches to see Deer, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Antelope and even Bears. The broad variety of all that game requires that we carry a knife with several key abilities.

Add the rigors of Bushcraft to that and you’re looking for a very special knife indeed.

As a result, we’re always on the hunt for a really nice Hand Crafted AMERICAN MADE blade at a really good price that is purpose driven and ready for bird or beast.  In our opinion, the right hunting knife is designed to tackle many tasks; Hunting, surviving in the bush and even tactical duties right down to it’s handle.

First, a great hunting knife must be sharp and it must be easily resharpened when you get back to camp.

Second, it better be “Tonka Tough”. A great hunting knife has to be tough enough to handle use and abuse.  If “Sharp” is it’s first name, “Strength” has to be it’s middle name. A great hunting knife  must be strong enough to power through elk sockets and agile enough to skin a deer without making it look like you killed it by tearing it apart with a sawed off shotgun.

It’s ergonomic handle must allow multiple grip options to accommodate any task at hand. A great hunting knife has to be easy to handle in the gloom and doom of dusk and dark, as well as in the snow or cold pouring rain. A great hunting knife will be nimble and quick when it’s covered in elk blood when you’re elbow deep, trying to get the carcass processed before the bears show up to eat somebody…

Well, after a lot of searching (and a lot of knife education) we found a blade that we really like and we’ve been putting it to the test on beast and bird, elk and turkeys with great success.

Long-time readers know that we’ve had some bumps along this road. It forced us to learn a LOT about blades AND their makers. But it doesn’t mean we quit.

We kept looking and then the clouds parted. Okay, actually, we found this guy on the Internet. When we discovered him, it was lust at first sight. This guy crafts blades that make you proud even before you strap them on.

It's CHOPPER time!

It’s CHOPPER time!

When we spoke to him (at length) and gave him our wish list, the discussions started in earnest. We traded literally a thousand emails and PMs back and forth over weeks. We told him what we wanted, he told us what we DIDN’T want… and then he started working to produce a blade that he even named in our honor;

He calls it; “The Bitterroot”

We call it; “The ‘Root”.

Frankly we nicknamed it so that we don’t spill beer out of our mouths trying to use 4 syllable words when we try to talk about it during supper… :)

The knifemaker’s name is Kieran Klein (no relation). He runs a Custom Knife Shop called the “Hammer Down Forge”. His claim to fame is that he builds “high quality, affordable, purpose driven blades for the common man”. And he doesn’t just “talk about it”. He actually DOES it. Man, does he do it…

Take a look;


He builds stuff like this…

He became our blade building hero seemingly overnight because… not all of us can afford $1,000 Collector EDCs that never see the light of dawn in the field. Kieran told us that from day one, his goal was to build affordable, high quality EDCs, Skinners, Hunters and Camp blades for “us little guys”.

And stuff like THIS...

And stuff like THIS…

Kieran really builds for “us”. You know, the kind of guys who use their lunch money and what’s left of their paychecks to buy great gear, one piece at a time after weeks of saving up…

He’s dedicated his trade to that. I hear that he even has a ‘Hawk in the works.

And this...

And this… the reigning King of Camp Knives!

Now as disclosure, I have to reveal that I personally own one of Hammer Down Forge’s blades now. It’s handled every test I’ve thrown at it. It’s powered through game (large or small) with ease. It’s strong, light and fast. It’s wicked sharp. I really couldn’t be happier with it. Several of us have fielded this blade to test it’s steel. All of us are smiling. Well, most of us are smiling. Some guys scowl when they have to give it back. Me? I’m grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

In fact, I have Kieran making me another one for delivery early next year.

(The reason should be obvious. It’s because this blade will probably disappear before then… my co-workers are thieving, coveting miscreants and they’ve all flat told me not to leave it laying around where it might grow legs and walk off.) :)

BubbaBlade1In fact, THIS is my blade. And, I couldn’t be happier with it. I wear it daily. I have to. People keep picking it up and carrying it off! LOL!

I’m not kidding. When the box arrived from Virginia, I had to go track it down. The knife had already made the rounds of the shop and people were trying to hide it. Apparently, I work with a group of no-good, disloyal, kleptomaniacs… LOL!  :)

Beyond being a high quality blade that will make you smile from ear to ear right out of the box, your ‘Root will look almost the same as mine. There are a few little differences.  The finish on your blade will be “antiqued” and not “satin”. That means that it’ll be slightly darker and much more durable than the finish on my blade. It’ll make that Central American Cocobolo handle really pop! In fact, when I saw his “new” finish, I was disappointed that it wasn’t on MY blade! LOL! Guess what finish is going on the new blade he’s building me?

Say it with me; “ANTIQUED”.  LOL!

The Central American Cocobolo handle will be slightly different because after all, Cocobolo comes from a tree and not a printing press! The pattern will be very similar. It’ll be rich and lustrous and  sexy. And, it’ll be as smooth as a baby’s butt. :)

The leather on your sheath will be scribed with a cool border pattern that outlines it and highlights the kydex sheath. I asked for “Something sporty” so he scribed mine with a racing stripe. He did it because “I’m Special”…

Oh stop it! I know it’s true. My mom used to tell me that every day before she crowbarred me into that “little white bus” and then fastened my football helmet on my pointy little head before I departed for that gulag they called a school. In fact, if my mother was still alive, she’d probably forbid me from playing with a knife this sharp. :)

FYI: I’ll warn you up front that I’m not kidding. This knife came to us out of the box wicked sharp.

BubbaBlade2Kieran just told us that he has just (1) ‘Root left available for Christmas and he wanted to save it for one of our lucky readers.  He’s building it right now, just for us.

“The Bitterroot” Blade
Shallow Drop Point Hunter
Full Tang Knife
15n20 Steel – Antique finish
1/8th” thick blade with Jimped Spine
Full Flat Grind with .012 behind the edge
4″ blade – razor sharp
8.5″ overall length

Palm Swell Contoured handle
Central American Cocobolo with G10 Liners
Carbon Fiber pins and lanyard tube

Kydex/8-9oz Shoulder leather sheath (with border scribing) and Chicago Screws

It skins like there’s no tomorrow and it slices like a pro. In fact, around here, it’s an EDC of dreams… :)

This is a $400.00 knife, all day. Knives of similar quality by other knifemakers will cost you upwards of $600.00.

The first $300.00 will put it under your tree for Christmas.

He’s included Priority Shipping and insurance via USPS in the price. Buy it before Monday the 22nd and it’ll arrive Priority Mail in time to find it’s way into your present pile!

You can contact Kieran at Hammer Down Forge by sending email to:

Or call him direct at:

HE lives in some strange country called “Virginia”… He speakee good Engrish, so it’s probably not even a toll call… :)
Tell him Bubba sent you.

What? You thought Santa was going to do everything? :)

Ho ho ho!


Are you a “Fed Up White Person”?

It’s a difficult time in America. There’s  so much anger, so much hate, so much division…

As many of us watch the gyrations with eyes affixed on what can only be termed a “trainwreck” some of us find our views and opinions being suppressed because we’re “Racists”.  You see, in order to have a valid opinion about the direction of the United States of America, it appears you must be any color but White. If you’re White, the media and the current administration simply neutralize your opinion by playing the race card.

It matters not that  there isn’t anything  racist about your concerns. It’s just easier to paint you as a demon than to deal with the problems this nation faces.

 So, I ask you;

Are you tired  of having your opinions and concerned negated because of the color of your skin?

Are you sick and tired to being called a “Racist” simply because you’re White and you don’t agree with the current administration’s political gyrations?

Are you tired of having to make excuses for being “the wrong color?”

Are you a “Fed Up White Person”?

Well, if you can answer YES to any of these questions, my pal Tim has the apparel for you!

fed-up-bold_TTalk about  perfect stocking stuffers!

I have one of these T-Shirts. I wear it with pride. In fact, I wore it this last weekend. I had guys literally trying to throw $20 bills at me to get one of their own! It’s a great quality 100% cotton shirt made by American Apparel that boldly displays my feelings about being discriminated against because I’m (gasp!) a Caucasian.

fed-up-bold_designYou can get T-Shirts, Long sleeved T-Shirts, Ladies Shirts, Sweatshirts… even  COFFEE Cups!

CCIf you feel like I do, you need to start clicking and commence the ordering!

Today is the last day to get standard shipping arrival by Christmas. After today, you’ll need to throw in a few more bucks to get it in time to stuff it into a stocking!

End of standard shipping 2014Even if  you have  to cough up a few bucks to insure you’ll get your purchases by Christmas, I promise, it’ll be worth it!

Tim also has some other cool stuff on his “HonorWear” site, located HERE:


Of Hunters and Hoglets…

It’s official. Hell hath  frozen over.

In difficult times, sometimes a motorcycle really IS the best solution.

There’s a reason that motorcycles and skooters are so prevalent in third world countries.

  • They’re cheaper to buy than cars.
  • They’re cheaper to operate than cars.
  • They’re easier to work on than cars.

Many of us have gotten our boots muddy and sandy flapping from the handlebars,  journeying around the rock “for fun and adventure”. The places we’ve been reinforce how valuable a motorcycle can be when things get stupid.

Motorcycles excel on unmaintained roads and it’s much easier to avoid potholes and obstructions on two wheels, instead of four.

And the ability to take that bike onto footpaths and sidewalks just increases it’s value when things are flying through the air.

Finally, in difficult times, everything including fuel is going to be difficult to find. The motorcycle that gets 50+mpg, even with loaded saddlebags is going to be a huge boon.

Plus, what else can you drive that makes it possible to ride it right through your front door into the living room to secure it at night?

Many of us have a motorcycle in our garage. It’s a cost effective, extremely mobile way to navigate traffic and peril. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to ride.

Some of us are lucky enough to ride Harleys. There’s something about riding a Harley that just puts your head in the right place when you’re thinking about combating evil and slaying Zombies and looking for damsels to distress. LOL!

It’s the “legend and folklore” of Harleys that sets many of us apart from the rest….

You know what “rest” I’m talking about… you know… those Gold Wing guys… LOL!

But, Harley has decided that it’s time to get “politically correct”, I suppose. No more “Don’t mess with him, he rides a Harley…” whispers. Nuh-uh… Harley has done us in.

As the economy dips and slides like a theme park roller-coaster, Harley-Davidson is making moves to attract younger riders and push forward into what they believe is the next generation of motorcycling.

At least, that’s the nonsense that they’re  trying to sell.

HD’s latest bike is the Street 500. It’s the much-whispered about Harley “beginner bike.”

harley-davidson-street-500-stockThat’s right. Harley is building a 500 now. Okay, it’s actually 492cc and it’s not really designed for the US, no matter how they paint it. Some who think of Harley as a religion would say that this new motorcycle has so many “Spiritual” compromises that it’s no longer a Harley. They think that the Harley boys are probably rolling over in their graves.

This newest entry out of Harley isn’t destined to be “America’s new sweetheart”.  It’s actually a Trojan horse.

Harley has an ulterior motive. The Street 500 is the first hog that fits into the restricted license categories in many markets overseas, and it’s a cheap to produce bike. That means that  it could help cut H-D a slice of the massive and growing motorcycle segment in —> India. Harley Davidson wants to own Mumbai.

You know, there’s something about the idea that there is actually a production Harley out there that gets 64mpg that makes me sick to my stomach… ;)

I’m not the only one, either. There are guys out there that are already trying to turn this pig into a princess…

harley-davidson-street-500-CustomBecause otherwise, they’ll have to move out of their neighborhoods if they want to ride it. LOL!

harley-davidson-street-500I feel like I just broke up with a girlfriend. It’s a dark day for Harley riders…

Soon… everyone will be riding one.

What’s next? Electric Choppers? Say it ain’t so! :)

Stay tuned.


Santa says; “SPOOL TOOL!”

Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for your Outdoors oriented guy or gal?

Don’t really like them enough to break the bank? :)

Want to keep it under “fast food prices”?

Or, do you like them so much that you wanna rock their Christmas?

Want ONE tool that quenches all those thirsts?

Spool Tool.
Spool Tool.
Spool Tool.

This is truly one of the most valuable tools in my pack.

Spool ToolKeep one in your ruck.

Spool Tool2Keep one in your shop.

Spool Tool3Keep at least TWO in your packs. :)

Spool ToolsParacord. It’s the “Outdoorsman’s Duct Tape”. It has a million uses, once you untangle it from that mess of a bundle you just retrieved from under your truck seat.

It’s an indispensible multi-tool so simple that even a dolt could invent it…

… and that’s exactly what happened.  :)

Seriously, you’re  going to take one look at it and then ask yourself;

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

The Spool Tool is the all-in-one multi-tool solution for storing and working with paracord. I say again: “Paracord is the Outdoorsman’s Duct Tape.”

We’ve personally hauled Spool Tools into places like the earthquake-ravaged Philippines and tsunami-stricken Japan (Fukushima). It’s seriously a tool that you  shouldn’t venture out… without.

Spool Tool is an uncomplicated little device that holds up to 100′ of 550 paracord. Spool Tool features everything you need to measure, cut, and heat-seal the paracord ends as you build your lines or rigging.

Say good-bye  to tangled line, missing tools and hot melted gobs of goo burning your finger tips and sticking to your gear!

The Spool Tool is Tonka Tough. It’s molded from glass-filled nylon for strength, lightness and durability.

The replaceable blade is the best available. The Spool Tool guys use Lenox’s patented, shatter-proof, bi-metal alloy blade with a titanium-coated edge.

The Spool Tool can also securely hold a mini BIC lighter (not included) for heat-sealing paracord.

That’s a big plus because securing a small lighter to the tool gives you yet another fire source in your gear!

Remember that Spool Tool isn’t just for hikers or hunters or “Zombie slayers”. It’s for crafters and others that use Paracord to create lanyards, bracelets and other woven “objects ‘d Paracord art” too! It puts everything you need, right at your fingertips.

At 6” long, 3” wide, and just over 1/4” thick, the Spool Tool is small enough to carry in a cargo pocket or backpack pouch.

Better still it’s got an attachment hole for a carabiner so you  can hang it off your pack.

And you’re going to need to use a sturdy carabiner to attach your Spool Tool  to something or it’ll walk off by itself. I swear, if you put them down, they’ll grow legs and walk off.

Best of all, it’s made in the USA by a miscreant we know down in Southern California…

Wait… California is still part of the United States, right?

I mean… the way they act you’d think… um… er… never mind. :)

If you’re interested in just about the best stocking stuffer ever, contact GINO. Tell him Bubba sent you.

And, Gino has given me a special discount code that will get you 25% off of your Spool Tool purchase AND free shipping!

Go to:

Just include;

RenRon25” in your order.

This coupon code will expire on January 5th, 2015.

I suggest you shop fast and hard. A quick trip around Google this am revealed to me that a lot of his vendors are already sold-out.

Gino Rocks!

(… and Spool Tool rocks HARDER!)

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



A blade cuts both ways…

Many of our readers know that one area of sustainability and self-reliance we focus on is TOOLS.

It’s said that a man is known by the quality of his tools.

Part of living “sustainably” is the act of using tools to insure your progress. One of the most important tools on that list is an “EDC” (Every Day Carry) blade. You’d be surprised at how many of these EDC blades are fixed blades that go from  “freeway to field”. A good fixed blade can go a long way toward insuring your safety and allowing you to meet many challenges faced during crisis.

I’m not a big believer in  “folder” (folding type) knives as EDCs except in metropolitan environments where the use of a fixed blade knife (and it’s subsequent sheath) presents too many obstacles to “open carry”.

The reasons are threefold;

The “typical” catalog folder is made from junk steel and plastic. The manufacturer paid more for the packaging and the advertizing campaign than they did the the production of the knives themselves.

Most “folder” blades are simply too thin to use in the field. A typical folder is designed to put in your pocket or purse. That limited size means that compromises are made. Blade thickness and blade size will define how your blade can be used in emergency situations.

The folder “lock” mechanism that holds the blade open can fail and when it does, the injury to the user is usually catastrophic.

A fixed blade will take you to places a folder will only dream of. And that… is the beginning of our story.

A custom knife is a very personal thing. I don’t think that most of us realize just how personal they are, until you’re having one created for your own use. Fine blades aren’t simply “made”. Fine blades are born in a union of desires and emotions, focused into actions.

 We’ve talked about a series like this for a long time, a “primer” that would help the “average Joe or Joanne” understand how custom blades are born. I’m not talking about blades built under license in sweatshops in China or Pakistan, I’m talking about finely crafted blades born of excellent steel, birthed in a forge and fueled by an artisan’s sweat and blood, quenched in passion.

Initially, we thought we were going to write a “travelogue” that introduced and then substantiated the commission of a “custom blade” built by a skilled knifemaker, in opposition to the typical “catalog” blade purchase that many of us make, over and over and over again.

Stabber Conceptual - 9in Hunting bladeHowever, as we explored this path, we found that the topic is MUCH deeper.

The journey to a custom blade starts with understanding your needs, defining your goals and then establishing a solid communication path with the knife maker you’ve chosen to craft your blade.

You should be aware that to some knifemakers, your “dream knife” may well be “just another knife”.  For people like this, merchants who are in business to craft knives, it’s simply how they keep the lights on.

The key is to find a knife maker who is as passionate about your blade as he/she is skilled. Your goal  is to create a working relationship with your knifemaker that insures success, a path mutually traveled that is fueled by the sharing of insights, ambitions and knowledge on both participant’s parts. You need to pay attention and listen to his/her counsel. A good knifemaker isn’t afraid to say;

“You don’t really want that.”

If you find yourself on the other side of that conversation, you’ve probably placed yourself in good hands. A qualified, experienced knifemaker has no interest in building you an inferior blade or one that will not suit your purpose. Most of the great knifemakers built their businesses on “word of mouth”. If you aren’t satisfied, it’s going to cost the knifemaker their clients and reputation. That knifemaker WANTS you to be pleased.

Knife making is a passionate thing and it’s passionate on both sides. The Purchaser invests a part of his/her dreams and aspirations into the project as well, along with a substantial amount of cash.

The Knife Maker invests a part of his soul into that blade’s crafting.

Beyond the possession of the required skills, tools and materials  to actually craft a fine blade out of a piece of raw steel (called a “blank”), it’s the communication between knifemaker and customer that insures a quality product is produced that fulfills the needs of the customer. It’s in these moments that custom knives are either born or cursed. You’re going to get back exactly what you invest.

To those of us who get to experience it, a custom knife is literally a turning point in our lives. It’s almost a rite of passage, a “coming of age” moment. It’s an “investment” in our futures. It’s an opportunity that many of us will never get.  On our journey, we learned that it can be a very emotional event.

We recently explored the knife-building world after some missteps. We discovered that you don’t always hit a home-run the first time you step up to the plate. While we were unsuccessful our first time out, we learned quite a bit in the process. It was almost worth it, for the knowledge that we gained. As a result, it’s been quite an illuminating experience. This journey began for us in trial, error and pitfall… but in the end, as we continued our quest, we found our feet on the right path and we headed down that road paved with dreams.

Stay tuned as we share that journey with you…



This shop is a mess! Clean up your scraps!

As part of our new series, a series we’re calling “Knife 101″, we’re talking about WHY a custom knife is a much better investment than a drawer full of Chinese Catalog knives. Yes, you read that right. A good custom made knife will actually save you money.

As a part of this series, we’re going to expose our readers to many different knives and then discuss how they are crafted and WHY they are so highly coveted by those who wield them.

I thought I’d give you  a preview of the “wild, exotic land” we’ll be traveling;

What do you get when you cross a cool block of Cocobolo from, a scrap piece of 15n20 and a fistful of hardware with some old leather and scrap kydex thrown in?

Well, if you visit Hammer Down Forge, you get a killer EDC (Every Day Carry).

Check it out;

Hammer Down Forge
“Scraps Knife Project”

2Acid washed/etched – 15n20 blade (“Satin Finish”) – Wait until you see it!
3.75″ blade, 9″ overall, 1/8th inch thick – Full flat ground blade

j3Jimping on spine

Cocobolo materialCocobolo Handles – purchased from
Black G10 liners
Carbon Fiber pins – Carbon Fiber Lanyard Tube
Silver Skull BeadBlack paracord lanyard  with sterling silver skull bead – from the TBE Shop

A Custom Kydex/leather sheath that puts a prom dress on “utility”.

FYI: The “Satin” blade finishes (achieved by acid etching the blade) not only look killer, they actually help keep the blade from oxidizing. Yes, you’ll still oil the blade.

Stay tuned. You’re not going  to want to miss this one.



You mess with the bull, you get the horns.


Click Bosnan’s photo to read the Chicago PDs response to Bosnan’s plee for protection.

After New York Times reporter Julie Bosman and another journalist Campbell Robertson published the address of Darren Wilson and his family, they found themselves begging the local cops for protection from protestors and irate citizens furious that they put a Law Enforcement Officer and his family in mortal danger.

That’s right. Fueling an already emotionally charged issue, these “journalists” stoked the flames by throwing Wilson and his family to the wolves (er… thugs) by publishing information allowing the location of Officer Wilson and his entire family, (including his pregnant wife) to be put at risk.

The article (released on-line in a blog post) included the information and was then redacted, probably after someone in the legal department realized that it could cost the Newspaper their proverbial butts. Again – The information was quickly redacted, but people saw it.

WE are not referring to the “mysterious missing wedding licence photo” post on the blog.

We’re attempting to get copies of that “pre-redacted blog release” now.

It was seen by many fellow journalists who shared their feelings about it;

Juan Williams, a pretty well known liberal journalist, commented that the Times was wrong to publish the addresses.

Worse, they weren’t the first journalists to identify Wilson’s personal residence.

A Washington Post article from five months ago (August 15th) with the information on Darren Wilson that the NYT article was referring back to THIS POST:

In that story, it says; “The officer, who is on administrative leave, a few days ago left his neighborhood in Crestwood, a city of 11,000 people about 18 miles southwest of Ferguson. Dark blue unmarked police cars were parked outside his house on Manda Lane, with a marked police car in the parking lot of a church to the rear of the house.”

Using Google maps and this information, we were able to locate the home and obtain the address in a matter of seconds.

Darren Wilson has been forced (as he is now a national target) to resign his post to protect fellow officers and he’s had to move from his home (reportedly more than once) after the terrible event and the insanity that now follows it. Wilson decided the best thing he could do to protect fellow officers and help the city to heal was to distance himself from them.

So, in keeping with the spirit of the New York Times Articles written by Bosnan and Campbell, two pieces of journalistic crap…

It seems only fair that we honor them for their fine contribution to the news by doing likewise.

(Here at TBE, we’re big believers in that age old saying; “Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword”)

Now I know that some will say that it would be wrong to publish Bosman’s address;

CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204

Or to publish the address of Robertson, too;

NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119-3203

But you know what? I say Karma is a real bitch.

You know what I feel bad about? I don’t have the address of the Newspaper editor that approved the release of that information to be published on the blog.

I say, you mess with the bull… you get the horns.

And don’t bother leaving a message that says something to the effect of; “Snopes says Nuh-Uh.”

It’s SNOPES. Snopes is NOT a legitimate site. It’s operators are two left-leaning people who have no credentials. Snopes is a biased and frequently discredited operation that usually just parrots the party line. For example, take a look at their attempts to deflect the whole Gruber comments fiasco. It was pathetic.

Want to check something out on-lne? I suggest that you use or Truth or Fiction.





Would you, could you, live in a treehouse?

Living  a sustainable life often means living a life found on a road less traveled. Those who embrace a life lived in self-determination often forge these new lives in places other than sub-divisions and high-rise apartments.

A lot of voices blend in discussion as some people debate “the perfect place to live… far away from prying eyes and  everyone else”.

Some of these people are Preppers, people who believe that at some point, it may be a good idea to forge new lives lived remotely.

Some of these people are Survivalists, people who believe that life is best lived in self-reliance and self-accountability. They seek a “responsible” life.

Some of these people are just “hopeless romantics”, caught up in dreams about “a better life”.

Many of them find their way, walking majestic woods, looking up into the trees to catch that glimpse of the sky peeking through.

Treehouses5In a short documentary, The Atlantic interviewed people who build, live in and love treehouses. These are far from the forts of childhood memory, though.

Treehouses1In the documentary, Atlantic interviewed folks who built, moved into and then thrived in treehouses. They are  creations of love, of that there is no doubt.

Treehouses2These aren’t “the  simple treeforts of our youth”, friends. These are “tree-tech wonders” that cater to every dream you ever had about life lived up in the canopy!

Treehouses3These tree-cradled marvels use artificial limbs for support, boast both plumbing and running water, and look like spaces we see in those “snobby architectural trade magazines”.

“Treehouses are becoming more and more adult,” says Michael Garnier, a treehouse building pioneer. “They’re not just for kids anymore.”

Click the photo to see the documentary. It's well worth the 6 minutes. :)

Click the photo to see the documentary. It’s well worth the 6 minutes. :)

I bet you could find your “second childhood” in one… :)

Stay tuned.

Magpul kicks an $80M hole in Colorado

Magpul Industries announced on Wednesday that they would be gone completely from Colorado by early 2015. Wyoming and Texas are thrilled as Magpul’s move creates jobs, bumps local economies and best of all… punches a big hole in Colorado’s economy. This is more than just a symbolic victory over gun prohibitionists.

HK 416 in 22 LR with Magpul goodiesLiberal Anti-gun whiners clearly prefer symbolism over substance, so they can explain to those now jobless that it was their attack on the 2nd Amendment that caused some 100 families to join the ranks of the unemployed jobs and the state as a whole will lose about $80 million to its economy.

Incredibly, some of these liberals may even rejoice at their “success”.

According to the Denver Post, Magpul is moving to facilities in Austin and Cheyenne. In its wake, about 100,000 square feet of empty space will be left in Erie, a monument to the gaping hole of gun control that has caused their relocation.

Want more information? Read this fine post, HERE.